The Northwest

The up-and-coming city of Tangier, beautiful coastline, sunsets, and a break from the tourist crowds

Come for:

  • French balconies, Spanish cafés, glamorous marinas, the interesting Caves of Hercules, and dozens of surrounding beaches (Tangier)
  • One of the best beaches in the Northwest, beautiful sunsets, art festivals, and one of Morocco’s most gorgeous medinas (Asilah)
  • A relatively quiet but beautiful UNESCO World Heritage medina, whitewashed buildings and inviting Mediterranean coastline filled with local Moroccan’s on holiday (Tetouan)
  • A break from the tourist crowds – despite its prime location along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, the region has historically been off the tourism beaten track

Do not expect:

  • The tourist-friendly hotels and restaurants found in some of Morocco’s more popular destinations – tourism is an ‘emerging’ industry in this region
  • Many activities that don't involve the water (head to other regions for hiking, camel trekking, rock climbing, etc.)
The NorthwestThe NorthwestThe NorthwestThe NorthwestThe NorthwestThe NorthwestThe Northwest

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